WO1 E.B. "Ossie" Ostara AATTV 1964 - 66, 1967 - 70
WO2 A.L. Egan  AATTV 1967 - 68, 1971


Photo courtesy of Sgt Tom Murtha USMC

WO1 E.B. "Ossie" Ostara on the right.


Photo courtesy of Sgt Tom Murtha USMC

WO1 A.L.. "Tony" Egan, WO1 E.B. "Ossie" Ostara AATTV and WO2 Tony Egan AATTV on right of Ossie.


Photo courtesy of Sgt Tom Murtha USMC

From left, unidentified Army SSgt. WO2 A.L.. "Tony" Egan AATTV, second from left,  WO1 E.B. "Ossie" Ostara AATTV and Sgt Tom Murtha USMC 3rd Recon Bn.


Pictures supplied by Sgt Tom Murtha USMC. Tom says "I don't recall the name of the Army S/sgt., but the place was Nam Hoa, at an ARVN camp, just west of Hue City. Tony and Ossie, were working out of the Citadel, actually, but assigned to work with the ARVN there. I was with 3rd Recon Bn., and had a radio relay site established there.There was an ARVN artillary unit, plus about one hundred ARVN.

The camp was right on the Perfume River. The time frame was Nov or Dec 1967, cause Ossie and I were riding a jeep from the camp, to the citadel, to hoist a few, and we were hit by an RPG, and I was wounded, and that date was Dec. 27, 1967. You just don't ever forget those dates. (I wonder why.) My rank at the time was Sgt. I really don't remember too much more, but if I do, i'll send it on to you.
Semper Fi
Tom M."

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