WO2 A.B. McCloskey, DCM
AATTV 1969 - 70

                                                                    Photo supplied by Tom 'Stumpy' Bourke USSF
                                                                    WO2 Aleck McCloskey looking the worse for wear.
                                                   Photo taken WSW of Ben Het mid-December 1969.
                                                   Aleck served with Mike Forces during his time in Vietnam.

WO2 Aleck Bruce McClolskey won the Distinguished Conduct Medal in Vietnam.  Below is an extract of the award.

Warrant Officer McCloskey enlisted in the Australian Regular Army in 1958 and has served with The Royal Australian Regiment in Malaysia. He joined the Australian Army Training Team in Vietnam in July 1069, and since that time has commanded a platoon in a Mobile Strike Force Battalion. In January 1970, he was wounded in action whilst leading his platoon.
During the period 3 to 13 April 1970, Warrant Officer McCloskey was serving as a Platoon Commander in the 212th Mobile Strike Force Company on an operation in the Dak Seang area in Kontum Province.
On numerous occasions, Warrant Officer McCloskey led his platoon on successful assaults onto well-prepared enemy positions.  His outstanding leadership, determination and bravery on each of thes occasions inspired the indigenous soldiers to move forward with him. To raise the morale of his soldiers, he constantly moved among them, even though they were under heavy enemy mortar and small arms fire.
On 11 April 1970, Warrant Officer McCloskey's platoon came in contact with a well dug-in enemy force. He led his platoon on a successful assault only to be stopped by heavy machine gun fire from flanking positions. After suffering casualties, he was forced to withdraw his platoon fifty metres when he realised that one of his wounded soldiers had been left behind.  Alone and under heavy enemy fire, he returned to the position, located the soldier and carried him back to safety. Warrant Officer McCloskey then led four assaults, which resulted in the platoon capturing the bunker system.
Throughout this action and during the entire operation, Warrant Officer McCloskey showed great calmness and bravery, exposing himself to heavy enemy fire in order to contact and direct his frightened soldiers.
During the operation, Warrant Officer McCloskey's outstanding leadership and sustained bravery ensured that his platoon remained an effective force throughout the operation. His performance reflects great credit on himself, the Australian Army Training Team and the Australian Army.

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