AATTV 40th Anniversary Reunion
Formal Dinner - 31st August 2002
(Please allow time for photos to download)

             Picture courtesy of Rick Ryan
Keith Payne VC on arrival for the 40th Anniversary Reunion dinner -  31st August 2002.
               Picture courtesy of Mandi Ryan
Keith Payne,VC with Rick Ryan and Don Palmer with a bottle of Blueberry wine sent to the
reunion by MOH winner Sam L. Davis who's MOH is displayed in the Australian War Memorial.
The wine produced by Sam Davis tasted very much like a strong port.
              Picture by Mandi Ryan.
The infamous Don Cameron, second from left with a few well dressed mates at the reunion.
        Photo courtesy of Mandi Ryan
Ray 'Scarlet' O'Hara AATTV - Vic Branch with Lt Gen Mike Jeffrey - Guest Speaker ACT and 
Robbie Robinson - AATTV - Qld Branch
               Photo courtesy of Mandi Ryan
               Lesley Thorp - wife of President Tony Thorp and Brig R.D.F. 'Russell' Lloyd deep in converstaion.
           Photo courtesy of Mandi Ryan
    Lt Gen Mike Jeffrey with Neville Wilson - AATTV Vic Branch discuss tactics at the Team dinner.


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