AATTV 40th Anniversary Reunion
Team Barbecue - Sunday 1st September 2002
(Please allow time for photos to download)

                       Picture courtesy of Mandi Ryan
Good old 'Wallaby Airlines' doing a flypast for Team members over Sgts Mess
Special Air Service Regiment - Swanbourne.  Shot was taken front on but as the
wind was just about gale force, the Caribou was crabbing.
                       Picture courtesy of Mandi Ryan
Some of the Team member, wives and guest await the arrival of the Wallaby.  
               Picture courtesy of Mandi Ryan
From the left: Simon Hearder - National Secretary of AATTV Assocaition, Mrs Stephanie Llloyd,
Maj Gen John Hartley - National President of AATTV Association - Gary Sutherland - Vice President,
AATTV Association WA Branch and Brig Russell Lloyd - Patron and member of AATTV Association
WA Branch enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Sgt Mess - Special Air Service Regiment, Swanbourne.
                Picture courtesy of Mandi Ryan
Rick Ryan AATTV Association WA Branch appears shocked at winning the VC Port raffle.  The 
VC Port  immediately offered for auction which was conducted by Tony Thorp President AATTV
Association WA Branch and raised a further $600 for WA Branch funds.  Roy Chamberlain -
AATTV Association Queensland Branch was the lucky bidder of this most collectible item.
                    Picture courtesy of Mandi Ryan
Shaun Darragh - Mike Force II Corps presents Brig Russell Lloyd with a medallion from 
Mike Force II Corps members.  A medallion was also presented to Maj Gen Hartley - 
National President and Tony Thorp - State President of AATTV Association WA Branch.


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