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Entry Date: 31st December 2019

Welfare Report - Barry and Elsie Long

G'day all,

Report from Barry Long on their recent illness follows.  Of interest is the allegy that one can get fro Cortisone.  Both Barry and Elsie are now on the mend.

Take care and Persevere,


G’day old Vet mates, and good friends,

Things are finally starting to get back to normal. What a shit of a virus, we both went down with something similar to a coward’s punch, didn’t see it coming but what a wallop.

Elsie is not fully recovered yet but much better than me. A couple more days should see her back to her chirpy self. I caught it off her so I am a bit behind plus, my lungs are much worse than hers – 45 years since I smoked but, I did give it a hammering before that for many years, maybe those White Owl cigars in Quang Tri did the damage?

Although I have a 90% oxygen intake now there is some gunk down the bottom that I just can’t get rid of, and it’s not for the want of trying – Elsie asked me to go outside for coughing as it makes her feel like joining in. That had me recall our WO Medic Ernie Pirani at Quang Ngai with his early morning wake up cough, it would send everyone outside dry retching in sympathy. ??

I had a further problem to worry about while in hospital – and at home – as I am allergic to Cortisone after having heaps of injections before my back was operated on. The hospital put a red band on my wrist to remind everyone that I was allergic to the dreaded cortisone and then commenced to fill me up with the bloody stuff over four days!?? Apparently it was essential to break the virus with no alternative. If you have had a few too many Cortisone injections or even tablets given to you for treatment in recent years speak to your doctor regards an allergy.

In my case, and I believe it to be the norm, after a couple of days all of the nerves from the armpits to the knees start to itch, and I mean really itch. There is no rash to see and nothing you can apply to ease the itch, just scratch like a mangy dog. The only thing I found for relief was to get into a shower that was as hot as you can manage (and maybe a little hotter) then, with a hand shower wash all areas particularly the outer legs, armpits and chest. Grit your teeth mates because this near brought me to my knees with pain but, it somehow eases the nerves and stops the itch, this is required twice daily. You’re allowed to cry. ??

The good news is it only lasts a week! I am currently down to scratching only the thighs and waist now. I have been through it before, so I know when there is progress. Should celebrate 2020 with a beer this Wednesday. I am hoping that this little note will have you aware early and may you never fall victim. ??

This has given both Elsie and I cause to think seriously of our lifestyle for 2020. Better eating habits, less booze (since I’m the nominated driver now that has started already) and exercise for a small weight loss. Sounds all good, will check in June.

I know we are not the only ones to have a shitty Christmas and we still have feelings for friends out there wishing them early recovery. I know Alfie Gee is now on the mend after getting a scary message on his health and BillyT aka Bill Tomlinson has been moving quite slowly of late and there are many more I know but names are not at hand – get well guys.

To all Team members currently feeling low, think positive as there is something new being found daily in our great medical institutions thereby making it increasingly hard to die so, just keep smiling and remember the password;



Entry Date: 21st  December 2019

A soldier died today

Maj P. (Phil) R. Burns RAA

G’day all,

Sad news in from Tony Mogridge, AATTV SA Branch on the passing on 18th December 2019 of fellow Team member Maj P. (Phil) R. Burns, RAA aged 88 years.  Phil was attached to AATTV in South Vietnam from 27 Jun 1966 to 11 Jun 67 USAID Chieu Hoi Program, Can Tho.

I am sure all Team members would wish to pass on their deepest sympathies and sincerest condolences to Lesley, family and friends on this sad occasion of the passing of Phil.  Phil also served with Legacy in South Australia for 18 years.  He will be sadly missed by us all.

Condolence messages can be passed through Mick Dolensky on email:

Funeral details will be advised once known.

Take care and Persevere,


From: Tony Mogridge <>
Sent: Saturday, 21 December 2019 3:20 PM
Subject: Death 57038 Mai P. R. Burns RAA

Maj Phil Burns died on 18 Dec 19. He was attached to AATTV for the Chu Hoi Programme, Can Tho.
Tony Mogridge. (SA)

Lest we forget
Entry Date: 10th December 2019

A soldier died today

WO2 A. (Bert) H. Franks RAINF, AATTV

WO2 A. (Bert) H. Franks, an advisor with 2/5 ARVN Regiment in QUANG TRI Province on his second tour, examining
weapons captured by his unit.  He is holding an AK47 like those lined up against the wall and next to him is a 75
recoilless rifle - a small artillery piece.  WO2 Franks lated moved to Phuoc Tuy province to lead a MATT. May 1970

G’day all,

Sad but not unexpected news in from John Gibson, AATTV Qld Br on the passing of fellow Team member, WO2 A. (Bert) H. Franks RAINF aged 83 years.  Bert served in South Vietnam with AATTV from 11 Jun 1965 to 28 Jul 65 with 3/4 ARVN 2nd Division, Danang when medically evacuated to Australia due to illness on 28 Jul 65.  On his second tour of duty, Bert  served from 7 Jan 70 to Jun70 with 2/5 ARVN Tam Ky, 2nd Division, Jul – Aug 70 attached MATT 1, Binh Ba, Phuoc Tuy. Sep 70 unallotted Phuoc Tuy. Oct – Dec 70, MATT 14, Long Dien. RTA 7 Jan 71.

In addition to Unit Citations awarded to AATTV, Bert was also awarded the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry (with Bronze Star).

I am sure that all Team members would wish to pass on our sincerest condolences and deepest sympathies to Dawn, family and friends on this sad occasion of Bert’s passing.  An old soldier who has now done his duty.

Condolence messages can be passed through John Gibson on email:

Funeral details will be advised once known.

May Bert now Rest In Peace.

Take care and Persevere,


From: John Gibson <>
Sent: Tuesday, 10 December 2019 8:17 AM

Sad to be advised from Des Ford of the passing of team member, Bert Franks,    Date to be confirmed.
Vale Bert
Warm regards

Lest we forget

Entry Date: 23rd October 2019

A soldier died today

WO2 R. (Bob) J. Collinson, BEM RAE, AATTV

After being airdropped into the jungle outside of the Special
Forces outpost at A Ro in Quang Nam this bulldozer was
Recovered under enemy sniper fire by WO2 R.J. Collinson
who then used it to construct an airfield for the outpost.

G’day all,

Sad news just in from a message on Facebook from grandson Ian Ryan on the passing of fellow  Team member, R. (Bob) J. Collinson BEM, RAE on 20th October 2019 aged 86 years.  Reg served in South Vietnam with AATTV from 25th September 1963 to Jan 64 with Hiep Khanh Training Centre, General Subjects Committee, Feb-May 64, 7th SFG A-732, Kham Duc, Quang Tin. Jun -Jul 64, 1st SFG A-414 A Ro, Quang Nam detached from SFG A Shau valley Aug 64, SFG, B Team Danang. Wounded 19 Jun 64 Panji wound. RTA 24 Sep 64.

In addition to the unit citations awarded to AATTV, Reg was also awarded the US Bronze Star for Valour (with ‘V’ Device), US Bronze Star for Service and the British Empire Medal (BEM) for his service with AATTV. A copy of the award of the BEM reads as follows:

Army Number:         34393
Substantive Rank:    Sergeant
Temporary Rank:     Warrant Officer Class Two
Christian Name:       Reginald James
Surname:                   COLLINSON
Award:                       BEM

Warrant Officer Reginald James Collinson joined the Royal Australian Engineers in 1952. He served for two years with the British Commonwealth Brigade in Korea, then returned to Australia where he served with 20 National Service Training Battalion,  17 Construction Squadron, and as an instructor at the School of Military Engineering.  In September1963, he was posted to the Australian Army Training Team, Vietnam.  After four months as an adviser at the Hiep Khanh Civil Guard Training Centre, Warrant Officer Collinson was attached to Detachment A732 of 7 United States Special Forces Group at Kham Duc.  For the next four months, he used his engineering knowledge to supervise the construction of a new camp and its defences to house two Vietnamese Strike Force companies.  On 1 April, he saved the life of a Vietnamese Strike Force soldier who was in danger of drowning in a deep pond near Kham Duc airfield.
In mid-June 1964, a D6 bulldozer was air-dropped to this base.  It landed five hundred yards short of the camp in thick secondary jungle.  Warrant Officer Collinson and a small patrol went out to recover it.  They were under continuous enemy sniper fire and operating in an area boob-trapped with sharpened bamboo stakes.  It was due solely to Warrant  Officer Collinson’s technical skill and disregard of his own safety that the bulldozed finally reached the base eight hours later.  The patrol suffer seven casualties during this period.  Throughout his twelve month’s tour in Vietnam, Warrant Officer Collinson has shown outstanding devotion to duty under all conditions and has been an inspiration to all who have served with him.

I am sure all Team members would wish to pass on their deepest sympathies and sincerest condolences to family and friends of Bob on this sad occasion of his passing.  Truly one of the old and bold warrior’s of The Team, his duty is now done and Bob will be sadly missed by us all.

As per the message below there will be a family service held for Bob.

Condolence messages may be passed through John Gibson AATTV Qld Branch on email:

May Bob now Rest In Peace.

Take care and Persevere,


Message of Facebook from Ian Ryan (Grandson)

WO2. Reginald James Collinson, RAE, served with the AATTV from approx Sep 1963 to Sep 1964.
My grandfather fought long and hard but unfortunately passed away yesterday afternoon. He leaves behind his beautiful wife, 4 children, a plethora of grandchildren and a few great grandchildren.
There will be a family service held for his passing on Friday in Coffs Harbour and as per his wishes his ashes will be spread at the Grove in Canungra at a later date.
He will be sorely missed.

Lest we forget


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